Wet blanket on Buren, one more on the list.

Wet blanket on Buren, one more on the list.

The foot of Buren was wet after a day and some of solid rain, but I and Gustav still made good progress through puddles, slippery grass and mud.

Clouds hanging low today.

The heather that had been warm, dry and comforting for so long was now soaked and cold, reminding us that summer might not last forever.

Water pearls in the heather, a taste of fall?

As an additional perk, my Stumpjumper is enjoying some downtime due to technical difficulties, and I have spent a few days now on the 4x bike. Let's just say that with 100mm travel up front, none in the rear and a 69° head angle it is almost as confidence inspiring, stable, fast and forgiving as the big bike. Well, at least it is low, so I am close to the ground when things go pear shaped.

Not completely dissimilar to the right tool for the job.

We decided to turn around not because the trail became harder, but simply because we'd had it.

Taking a piss and turning around.

As a matter of fact, the trail was more or less equally hard all the way. In the wet, that translates to quite hard. On the 4x bike, it was rather butt-clenching, in a fun way if there ever was such a thing.

Gustav almost being able to control his speed.

A recurring theme was sliding straight down, both wheels locked and giggling frantically.

Giggle time

From time to time we enjoyed some steamy views

Then of course there was the odd rocky section...

Gustav keeping it pointed in the right direction for a change

...and some rocky offcamber stuff.

Try to ride it and touch the grass, and next thing you know you are sideways, tripoding, and headed for the bottom of the valley. Not that I would know...

And then, just like that, we are almost down.

Checking out the line

Wet, muddy and happy we enjoy the last flowy corners that take us back to the car. I will need to come back, on a day more apt for summit excursions. This one is now officially on the list!

Complete with corny self timer shot in the parking lot, we can do no more than go home and wash our bikes, clothes and bodies.