Grey day on Gråtinden

Grey day on Gråtinden

Yes, I'm finally back on the board! Still very slow and careful, but as long as I get out I can't complain. I hope to write something more and get some pictures up from this last couple of months of comeback, but for now I just have a couple of quick and dirty shots from today.

After more than a week of sunny weather we were hit by a polar low pressure, and we were hit hard. Polar lows are characterised by intermittent, but heavy snow showers and specks of sun in between. Not great for long, arduous missions, but very nice for playing around in the woods.

Gustav in the alpine with all kinds of weather fighting or the space above him.

A heavy snow shower right between Linnea and the fjord that glitters in the sun way down there.

Andrea on a classic Tromsø exit hike, right next to the cold, grey water.

Huge thanks to everyone who keeps me company and gives me encouragement and support on my (still long) road back to full strength. I will get there eventually, thanks to you!