Two things I like

Back in WY, which is just like it should be. Cars are huge, gas is cheap and people wear sunglasses and cowboy hats.

We had a nice day of touring in Cameron Pass on Sunday, maybe a bit cold but snow is plentiful and soft.

The thin Dolorado air is taking its toll on Andrea The thin Colorado air is taking its toll on Andrea

Getting used to the elevation is as usual not pleasant, but I think it might get a little bit easier every time.

In Centennial the snowpack is still a bit thin, but considering that it is right behind our house and we can start skinning right from the porch, it's not too bad. And less than epic conditions means more time to dig, yay!

ECT in interesting snowpack ECT in interesting snowpack

The snowpack is thin but with a few nasty layers that will be interesting to track over time, in places there is a hard wind slab at around 15cm depth that was surprisingly non-reactive and a weird crust at 35cm that has already helped developing big facets on its underside, woomph woomph. Lots of shooting cracks today, good thing the ridge is really low angle.

Riding is not too bad though, WY snow is as light as ever, even when it has been beaten by the wind its still soft and fun.

Powder turns in the sun with a praire backdrop Powder turns in the sun with a prairie backdrop

So to sum up, the two things I like are thin air, unstable snow and soft snow...oh, those are actually three things, and I only like one of them. How about burgers and beer? That sounds more right, I might just stick with that.