This blog is not dead... just smells funny, to paraphrase Frank Zappa, one of my favourite people of all times.

Anyhow, fall is here. I have a lot of stories and pics from this summer that need some mindless blogging, and I will try to do that now when we are in between seasons adventure-wise.

Riding has returned to the normal lunch rides on weekdays and all day "epics" (any ride longer than 4 hours is apparently an epic according to the mtb-press). Today I visited my roots, the trail I first rode a "proper" mountain bike on. It was in the best possible conditions, with all mud frozen solid, basking in sunshine and in parts covered in yellow, frosty leaves. Nice to see that it is still there, and nice to clear all the obstacles that once were insurmountable.


Golden light over the Nydala lake Golden light over the Nydala lake