The perks of a long drought

Greetings from what could well be the Gobi desert. Precipitation has just not happened for two weeks or so, probably all mountains are covered in bullet proof cement by now. The forecast tempted with prospects of fresh pow for the weekend, but just as I got my hopes up they withdrew it again.

The upside is that at least we get sun, and since the days are getting longer we get more and more of it. Furthermore, the cement goes for the trails as well, they are solid as rock slabs and fairly grippy, conditions are as good as they have ever been for winter time bike riding. As usual I try to get out every day and get around an hour of leg burning and smile inducing time on my beloved Orange Miii.

Just out enjoying the sun Just out enjoying the sun

Chilling with frosty trees Chilling with frosty trees

Last Sunday I gave telemarking a go, and it was really good fun. The challenge of getting a really nice turn reminds a bit of snowsurfing, and is definitely something I will get back to. Especially now when snow conditions are crap I can ride the lifts and groomers in search for the perfect free heel feelning, until I get the skills to take the skis out in the backcountry. A nice ,open and not too step pow slope would probably be very enjoyable with free heels, but for more techy riding and everything airborne I still think the splitboard rules.