The first step

Things are coming together again. The insurance company are doing a great job, and most equipment I need to get back out in the mountains has been ordered. Today I got the first piece of my the setup in my hand, a pair of Dynafit toe pieces. This particular model is called Speed Turn, for what it´s worth. Since I´m just using it for the up, the exact model is not critical. I thought this would be the hardest part of the whole setup to get, but thanks to Pelle and Utebutiken it turned out to be easy, fast and inexpensive, not bad!

A fresh pair of toe pieces, waiting for something to be mounted on A fresh pair of toe pieces, sitting in their box waiting for something to be mounted on

The body is healing up as well, I keep a strict schedule of only riding every other day, to give my sore body time to recover. Mentally I am getting some of my energy levels back, even if I am not quite back to normal yet. But hey, I´m both alive and walking, there is really nothing to complain about.