Ten new trails

Ten new trails

At least. Probably more, but I happen to really like Leonard Cohen.
I also like yellow cars.

Andrea and a poor yellow car that surely meant no harm

Anyway, there has been some summer going on up here as well. Maybe not on the south European style, but good enough for me. The "occasional riding in shorts and t-shirt, not having to bring the gore-tex, have a post ride bbq and beers" kind of summer.

Beers, shorts, t-shirt, and the bbq ready for action in the background. The essence of summer. Pic by Andrea

In short, bikes have been shoved and carried.

Nice shoving picture by Andrea

Otherwise nice picture ruined by clumsy thumb on the lens.

Summits have been climbed.

Andrea and the mast on Rundfjellet.

Views have been had.

Just letting it all soak in. Anysummit, Kvaløja. Pic by Andrea



Friends have been made.
Making friends with Gustav and Kjetil on one of the less warm days.

Gustav just above our house

Chasing Linnea and Gustav on Nordtinden, photo by Andrea

But what strikes me the most is the variation between the trails, especially right here behind our house.

From the white rocks and loose gravel on Little Finale (yea, I came up with that name)

Little Finale again, photo by Andrea...

...to the freshly cut loam above treeline on Rundfjellet (photo by Andrea)...

...the wide open, fast singletrack on Brattfjellet...

...or steep, twisty woods below treeline on Rundfjellet...

...to threading the needle in the tight trees on Brattfjellet...

...some sweet rock slabs near Grøtfjord (photo by Andrea)...

...and nearly endless amounts of chunky, almost-a-trail riding, here on Nordtinden. Photo by Andrea

There has even been some hanging out by the crag chilling with dogs
Emmy chilling, Bella checking out Andrea and Stian hanging on the rock in the background.

Emmy still chilling, Kiwi (or Barryvox as I would like to call him) the puppy not so much.

It was nice to doze out for an afternoon after a good few hours of looking for a trail that was not there.

Oh, and at some point Andrea mowed the lawn. Exciting times indeed!
An attempt at some kind of graphic composition of Andrea working hard.

The bike keeps working well, the Marzocchi 350ncr is really nice at 150mm travel. Reassuringly stiff and supportive, and feels slightly less linear than the Devilles I think, but such things can of course easily be adjusted with oil levels. In any case, it feels fast, a very important quality for a not-much-racing punter like me.

That guy does not look like a proper racer. Photo by Andrea

All in all, so far this has been the most chilled out vacation I have had in a long time. Well needed too, my body still needs all the rest it can get. Now we are looking towards new horizons, new peaks and new fjords. Hopefully things are lining up for a little trip, somewhere behind those mountains...

Time to get out and take a look around! Photo by Andrea.