Starting on the road to recovery

Familiarity brings complacency they say, and that is true. But familiarity also brings comfort. In a safe environment, familiarity soothes a worried mind. I am convinced the road to my own recovery lies in a familiar environment, accompanied good friends and physical exhaustion.

The last week has been tough, and I never felt as good as that hour I spent on the trails yesterday. No speed records were broken, but right now it doesn't matter. As long as I get to be tired and maybe pull a couple two wheel slides or manual out of a corner, it's all good. I know all these trails like the back of my hand, familiarity indeed.

The narrow road to recovery, and a vehicle to get me there The narrow road to recovery, and a vehicle to get me there

I hope to be able to get back out in the mountains as soon as I can, nice and easy of course, but I need to get out there. I just ordered a new board, bigger and meaner than the last one, skins and Dynafit toe pieces are also on the way.

My body is in pretty good shape considering the circumstances, a strained groin and some bruises seem to be the grand total for me. Energy levels still fairly low, but I will get there.