On the sidelines: Dual Slalom in Charlottenlund

On the sidelines: Dual Slalom in Charlottenlund

Yesterday evening a bunch of us were hanging out at the little dual slalom track at Charlottenlund, just a short walk from central Tromsø.
Still not allowed to ride, I took the opportunity to practice my photography skills on the near endless stream of eager subjects. A few opinions and more or less solicited advice on how bikes are supposed to be ridden may have escaped my mouth too. Backseat driving at its finest.

A surprise visit from the future generation of Tromsø trail riders ended in a spectacular pile up, a sore knee and maybe a bruised ego.

A few tears were shed but no serious injuries were sustained and in the end everyone managed to finish their lap on the bike and in style.

There was no serious racing being done, but as winter cobwebs were gradually shed, confidence raised and speeds increased.

A new thing for me to spend the whole evening behind the camera, and even though I was aching to be on a bike it was still good fun to just take pictures and hang out. At least I got to be out and got some exercise for my weak knee by walking up and down the hill many more times than I could have brought myself to do without having the camera as an excuse.