Nice weather but short ride

Is he writing again? All of a sudden this blog is almost flooded with posts, for no apparent reason. Maybe I am just procrastinating more important tasks, like the damper service I was on about previously. Anyway, as I wrote yesterday my legs were a bit spent. To improve matters, I drank a beer or ten yesterday night, went to bed too late and got up too early, with plans to go out to Tavelsjö and ride with Cissi and Karin. Since Karin's shock exploded a while ago in a weak moment I let her borrow the Prophet, and I was to ride the 4x bike again.

We got out on time, and were surprised by almost sub zero temps and trails that were frozen in places, and just very very wet in others. The first climb was properly horrendous, my thighs were loudly protesting the stand up pedalling on the soggy surface. Then we reached the top just to discover that the trails in the trees were  covered by a generous serving of 5-15cm of slushy snow, just to kill off what was possibly left in my legs.

Fortunately the rock slabs facing west were if not dry at lest not covered in snow, and we started down the descent.

Karin, Cissi and the MIII in the autumn sun Karin, Cissi and the MIII in the autumn sun

I snapped some pics and ended up going last.

Cissi starting down the descent Cissi starting down the descent

In the first really tricky passage I caught up with Karin, who was sitting on the side of the trail bleeding from the mouth. Lesson: If the rocks bite, don't bite back, they are hard. Two teeth got a bit chippd, fut fortunately at least they seemed to have broken above the root. That was it, you cant eat grilled sausages without teeth anyway, so we went home. Heal well Karin, and take care.
Oh, by the way, if the pics look weird it is because I am trying to figure out the "adjust" options in iPhoto without any proper knowlegde on the subject. All tips, constructive criticism, well written scorn or just plain flaming is as always welcome.