Just reblogging, as usual

Not much have happened here for a couple of months. This is in part due to lazyness and the fact that I have actually been working, believe it or not. In my defense I should point out that I also lost the charger for my camera, so I haven't snapped any pics since Elbert really.

Anyhow, luck has it that I sometimes ride with people that can both be bothered to take pics and write nice blog entries about it, most notably Andrea. Here are two notes se wrote about a recent trip to Marsfjällen: one...and two! Well done Andrea!


In other news, fall is coming slowly. We have had the best, and driest, August and start of September up here that anyone can remember. The trails are in their prime, yellow leaves are slowly starting to show and it is still shorts and t-shirt during the days. Next weekend I will host the yearly Umeå Bike Rally, this time in Tavelsjö. I hope for some rain, to make the trails a little bit more tricky.