Is it coming?

Patches of wet, patches of white Patches of wet, patches of white

The weather has been all over the place lately, changing between very damp indeed and freezing. The trails cannot make up their mind if its still fall or if winter is actually coming.

Nice and dark in the woods Nice and dark in the woods

I'm doing my lunch rides on the big machine, mainly because the small one needs a new drivetrain. I found a new chain in the garage, and just got one of those fancy narrow wide chainrings, but I still lack a cassette, hopefully it will arrive in the mail today.

The big machine alredy got a new drivetrain, still ten speeds though, that last one that takes everything to eleven is just too bloody expensive. If anyone is interested, I run a Saint shifter pulling a Zee rd with Jagwire cable and housing. XT cassette and Mavic chain round it off. New drivetrains are nice, I could really get used to the feeling of having all gears actually working. I plan to go 1*10 on this one as well, I don't use the granny at all around here anyways, and abroad I guess I will have to man up. There will probably not be any more serious riding this year anyway.

Oh, the days are getting short now by the way, really short.

Glorious sunset, 2:30pm Glorious sunset, 2:30pm