I know a guy with a camera...

...and he knows how to use it. A particularly foggy, damp and dreary day not so long ago we went to one of my regular lunch ride trails, equipped with a bunch of magic photography stuff like flashes, remotes, umbrellas, lenses and whatnot. I went up and down the same trail a great number of times, and we tried different speeds, lines, angles, light settings and all that stuff. It's fascinating how much work goes into a good picture. Anyway, here are the results, great work Andreas! And if anyone needs a a guy who can handle a camera, I recommend this one :)

Oh, may I remind you that you can click on the pics to get them full size, for once it might actually be worth it.

Rolling in Rolling in

Here we go Here we go

Try a different line Try a different line

Dropping in behind the boulder Dropping in behind the boulder


Getting set to pop Getting set to pop

Trying to look fast Trying to look fast

Looking for lines Looking for lines

Or just trying to look cool Or just trying to look cool

As usual I need to work on not making so many funny faces while riding, or maybe I just need to wear a full face helmet at all times. Thanks for the sweet pics Andreas, I hope we can do it again soon.