Good afternoon on Bønntuva

Good afternoon on Bønntuva

Me and Gustav went for a quick spin up Tromsdalen to Fjellheisen and on up to Bönntuva this afternoon. This might be one of the most popular rides in Tromsø, so it was about time that I got it under my belt. We were treated with great views as always, and nice light to boot.
Sun is blazing up here in the north these days.

The view across Tromsdalen towards Tromsdalstind. I am glad to have checked that one off my list, it is a glorious ride.

Summit views over Malangen, Kvaløja and Senja in the distance.

The way down into Tromsdalen is nice and flowy, with some rocks and tricky bits around to keep us awake.

Gustav and the flowers in the alpine terrain.

All in all a nice 700ish m descent that goes from dusty to loamy and ends up on a rough old mining road with sharp loose rocks flying around as we hammered down, white knuckled and laughing. Or at least I was. Good afternoon, oh yes.