Wet, low and natural

Wet, low and natural

Uhm, that would be wet trails and low, natural light (i.e. no flashes, since even if I could afford them I am absolutely clueless on how to use them).

But since we were so slow to get out yesterday that the light was already fading, I had to make the best of it. Just to add insult to injury, we both brought sunglasses instead of goggles, making the already dim conditions even darker. At least it was a good opportunity to practice those pans.

Trail covered in water, eye protection mandatory.

Or just kick iso sky high. Thank you everyone who bought some of my old shit when I moved so i could afford a big sensor compact!

Further down, it was even wetter.

Well, a ride is a ride, even if one rider is nursing a sore shoulder and the other is just generally knackered, and both are visually impaired by wearing the wrong eye protection.