Earning the turns

Does not only mean putting in the effort to get back up without cars and lifts, but also to keep the trails in a nice shape. Not grooming out obstacles, that is destruction and not improvement, but for example doing some rock work or building a ladder bridge over wet patches. This week we did precisely that, filling some wet holes with rocks and bulding a 3m ladder bridge over a big puddle. I was out spotting for a couple of hours on monday, and on tuesday I got company from 4 people from Happymtb and we put the plans into action.

Big props to Tomas, Karin, Maria and Andrea for joining me in spite of horrendous weather condition.


The end result The end result

Now hopefully people can walk and ride on the ladder bridge and not trying to keep dry by making big circles around the puddle, thus widening it. The wood is sourced from fallen trees in the immediate vicinity, no living trees were harmed in the process. It rests on rocks, hopefully keeping it from rotting for at least a couple of years. The actual building took about 2 hours, definitely worth it considering the benefits.