Dreams of powder and snowsurfing, flatland depressions and unrelated issues

Sundays in the city are not really my cup of tea. It is flat, cramped and dreary to say the least.Too much snow to be able to ride the bike, and there is not much left really.

Old pic, but it catches the mood perfectly. No fire, no sausage Old pic, but it catches the mood perfectly. No fire, no sausage

Fortunately I have some friends to share the burden with, over a cup of coffee or a movie. Meanwhile, the snow is coming down heavy in the mountains, it looks very promising for the post Christmas trip. Hopefully it will have settled a bit until then, giving a solid base with cold smoke on top, I very much look forward to it.

Yesterday I tried snowsurfing (or powsurfing/noboarding/snurfing/whatever), i.e. riding the snowboard without bindnings.

Look mama, no bindings! Whoa, something is missing!

Actually it was brilliant fun, and slightly less hard than anticipated. As long as the snow is soft and it is not too steep it is a real option to "regular" boarding. The joy (and the challenge) of carving a nice arc or getting a good slash is immense, an it is probably the only way to enjoy the short and mellow slopes that are found around the city, I will definitely do this more often

First lap, first turns, fist blood First lap, first turns, fist blood

Bottom line, I just love hovercrafting! Oh, and the Refused show yesterday was good, really good. Well done boys.