Bye bye least for now

Last week was brilliant, fantastic contiditions for riding in the sunshine on frosty trails. I managed to ride every day, and on thursday I did a night ride as well, together with the lycra crowd. With the 4x bike of course, so I would have excuses for being awfully slow. Those people killed my legs properly, the friday ride was a game of survival more than anything else, but having seen the forcasts, there was no alternative.

Thursday, a thin cover of snow on the frosen lake Thursday, a thin cover of snow on the frosen lake

Now we are back to +5 degrees and rain, and it looks like it will stay that way for at least the coming week. Not as much glamour, but mud can be fun as well.

Today I did my first ride on the Prophet after a two week period of riding the 4x bike, definitely nice to have a saddle to sit on and some rear suspension, felt almost like cheating. Just the standard local loop, but nice trails and nice company never gets old, does it?
And at last, for those who maybe do not get the reference in the title, here you go.