All days cannot be sunny

All days cannot be sunny

but sometimes a bit of sun would sure be nice in what most people on the northern hemisphere would call "summer". Well, at least we got nice hills and good trails, if a bit wet and slippery.

Andrea with no time to take in the view from Rundfjellet.

Rundfjellet turned out to be almost in season. Still a few snowy patches high up, and below them lots of soggy ground due to the constant trickle of melting water without good drainage. Further down it got drier, but it was just as cold.

We took the trail next to the creek on our way down, hoping it would be a bit less wet. Above treeline it certainly was, and will continue to be until the snow up high is gone. Further down what normally is a few meters of bog crossing had turned into something more akin to a canoe trip. But where the trail was dry, it was actually really good.

As I look out the window the rain is still pouring down, but maybe, just maybe, summer might be around the corner. Let's hope so.